With more than seven thousand known languages in the world, it is not always easy to communicate our exact thoughts with people who don’t speak the same language that we do. That is why translation plays a crucial role in how we live our lives as social beings who interact and communicate on a regular basis. But not all of us speak more than one language; this is where we see the importance of a high-quality translation service. Dubai-based Ziada Legal Translation knows all about the value of translation, especially in urgent and important matters, like legal proceedings. More than that, Ziada has also mastered how to navigate the entire process of translation.

When seen from the surface level, translation can be simplified to just converting phrases or sentences from one language to another. But the truth is, it’s more than that! Our translation service in Dubai goes beyond literally translating the words. We translate the meaning; we proofread and review once more before submitting the final output.

Ziada’s complete translation service in Dubai

When Dubai clients send over their documents to us for our translation services, the first thing we do is not change the first word or sentence. To fully understand the context of the document, we even do preliminary research on the text. Why? Before we start translating, we first want to understand the purpose of the document, so that we make sure we only provide a high-quality translation of the meaning and not the literal words.

A lot can get lost in translation if the translator does not have a good grasp of the source file. These questions guide our translators in doing the research of our text, to ensure the translated document is effectively communicated:

  • What is this document? Does this need legal translation, technical translation, medical translation, etc.?
  • Who is this text addressed to?
  • What is the tone and style of the text?

These are general questions. Of course, we follow our clients’ requirements and requests in our Dubai translation services.

After the initial research, we proceed with the translation. During this step, our translators do not simply read the sentence and translate word by word. Instead, we understand the context and phrase the sentence exactly how it is originally meant to be conveyed.

In many languages around the world, some words can mean multiple things; if not used in the correct context, the entire thought may be misplaced. To an extent, a literally translated document may lose the original meaning.

To make sure our translation services in Dubai are high quality, our translators are experts in the languages that they speak – grammatically, verbally, in speech, and in writing. Ziada’s translators are proficient, professional, experienced, and certified. As such, they understand cultural references, idioms, industry terminologies and technical terms (especially in legal/medical translation), and even errors in the source files. This way, they can effectively translate the document – not just the words, but the context and meaning, more importantly.

When the document has been fully translated, our translators employ quality assurance techniques. At Ziada, we also proofread and review. This is to ensure the document is grammatically correct, free from spelling or typographical errors, and format or layout mistakes.

The importance of proofreading is it rules out overlooking minute mistakes. Plus, rereading the document allows the translator to improve the style as necessary.

After proofreading, we do a final review of the translated document. In this step, we make sure we follow the appropriate format, remove any inconsistencies, and grant the requests of the client. Our Dubai translation service includes a rigorous review stage because we want our clients’ documents or texts to sound clear, direct, concise, and true to their original meaning – even when converted from one language to another.

Are you looking for a professional legal translation service provider in Dubai? We’re your guys! Our translators provide high-quality translation services: from technical to marketing to legal. Contact us to know more about how we can help you or fill out the form below to get a free quotation.

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