Economy, innovation, culture — translation plays a significant role in these fields. The contribution of translators to society may be subtle on the surface. However, if we look deeper, we will understand why professional translators, like Ziada, a translation company in Dubai, are necessary to ensure effective cross-cultural communication.

While machine and AI translators do a decent job in translating, there are certain aspects of translation that only humans can perfect. (Related: Human vs. machine translators: 7 reasons humans win)

In that regard, being a human translator should not be the only qualification a client looks for in a translation company. So, how do you spot a certified translator? Let’s be more specific and discuss how to be a qualified translation company in Dubai.

Why a translation company in Dubai must be certified

While the most basic, and perhaps the first, requirement from a translator is to be bilingual or multilingual, it is simply not enough to pass as one. In Dubai, a translation company (and translators) must submit documents to the UAE Ministry of Justice to become certified, especially if providing legal translation services.

To become a certified translation company or translator in Dubai, one must submit the following documents to the Ministry of Justice:

  • A certificate from a translation institution or university. The institution must be UAE-recognized.
  •  A foreign certificate equivalency from the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • A certificate of translation experience. An expatriate must have at least five years of experience.

Apart from those mentioned above, other documents are needed to verify the applicant’s identity, such as a passport copy and a photocopy of proof of residence (for expatriates), as well as a certificate of good conduct.

Why should you work only with a translation company in Dubai? The most important reason: certifications mean credibility. When a translator is certified by the authorities to offer legal translation services in Dubai, this only means that they have passed multiple skills tests that determine if they are qualified for the job. The UAE MOJ requires legal translators to complete a translation test before they can obtain a certificate. What’s more, oath completion is required from applicants who intend to work with a translation company in Dubai.

Ziada is a certified translation company in Dubai with certifications from the UAE Ministry of Justice and Dubai Courts. Our translators are certified and have proven years of experience in legal translation and other fields of the industry.

Other ways to spot you’re working with professional translators

Looking for a legal translation company means looking for a firm that will convey important information to another language. To an extent, you are putting your legal documents in their hands. Apart from certifications, you can look for these qualities from a translator:

Proven experience: It takes experience to perfect your craft. Ziada’s team of translators has years of legal translation experience.

Cultural and legal knowledge: Being fluent in two languages is one thing, but it’s a different thing altogether to have properly contextualized translated documents based on cultural and legal knowledge. When your translators have a cultural and legal background, the translated document remains true to its source text even in a different language.

Good customer service: No sales talk is better than impressive customer reviews. You may check the Dubai translation company’s website to see what their clients say about their service – not only the translation itself but also how they handle requests or answer questions.

Final thoughts

In summary, a legal translator and a translation company in Dubai need to have certifications from the UAE Ministry of Justice. These certifications prove that the translators you are entrusting your legal documents to have the skills, knowledge, and experience for the task. Why is this important? Legal translation is a crucial job. As these documents (birth certificates, will and testaments, marriage certificates, contracts, etc.) deal with legal matters, a client cannot afford any mistranslation or misinterpretation. An inaccurate translation job may result in costly consequences.

When you work with a translation company in Dubai, make sure the provider is MOJ certified. This will save you time and money from errors on a translated legal document.

If you are looking for a translation company in Dubai, you have come to the right place. Ziada specializes in legal translation services. We also offer medical, commercial, publishing, and advertising translation solutions in Dubai, UAE and the Gulf Region. We are certified by the MOJ and the Dubai Courts. Please fill out the form below to get a free quotation for our services:

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