Medical Translation in Dubai is currently among the highly demanded service. Dubai has been ranked among the top 10 popular medical tourism destinations in the Arab region by the World Bank. Robust medical infrastructure and state-of-art facilities are one of the few remarkable features of Dubai. Dubai Healthcare City is an enormous complex that incorporates hospitals, clinics, teaching, and research facilities. Advance medical facilities and world-class patient care are easily accessible to foreigners. Thus, every year an increasing number of visitors from around the world, are visiting Dubai for medical purposes.

But as you land in Dubai to receive treatments & other medical services you need to go through a long documentation procedure. There are several documents that need to be translated and get authorized. If you are a non-Arabic speaker, the process may give you a headache. In this situation, hiring a medical translation service in Dubai can help you a lot.

Before you decide to get help from the medical translator, let us explain, what the medical translation means. Why you may need medical translation services in Dubai. What parameters to look for while hiring a medical translator in Dubai.

What is medical translation?

Translating the medical documents, curriculum, and software for high-end devices, into the required language is known as Medical Translation. In Dubai, you may need to get the translation of the following documents:

Instructional materials for medicines and equipment:

  1. Datasheets
  2. Clinical trials
  3. Clinical protocols
  4. Production manuals
  5. Quality of Life measures
  6. Articles from scientific journals and publications
  7. Toxicology reports

Following are some of the sub-sectors that need the medical translation services:

  1. Health care services and facilities
  2. Medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies manufacturers
  3. Medical insurance, medical services, and managed care
  4. Pharmaceuticals & Related Segments
  5. Medical tourism
  6. Life sciences, biotechnology, Research and development

Why you may need to hire a medical translation service in Dubai?

High growth in the medical sector

The medical industry is one of the highest growing sectors in Dubai. With the growth of medical infrastructure, quality of treatments patients come from all walks of life come to Dubai to receive advanced medical care.

But many times, the language barrier can impede your access to the desired treatments. Communication gap should not come into your way of accessing a good medical service. To bridge this gap, taking the help of a professional medical translator in Dubai is anytime desirable.

Translation enables the patients to understand their medical condition. This quickens the decision-making process for the patient, about receiving the appropriate medical treatment.

Patient composition

Every individual has different healthcare issues. Various factors decide the severity of your health issues. Age group, sex group, type of disabilities, time, etc. are some of these factors.

Patients’ understanding of the health issues differs. The levels of language skills vary from person to person. Thus, the communication requirements, between the doctor and patients differ. Experienced professional translators work with people from different walks of life every day. They standardize and establish a consistent way of communication. Thus, they help to improve the doctor-patient relationship.

The margin for error is very small in the medical sector

Precision is the mantra in the medical industry. Even a small mistake, can be fatal and can hamper the reputation of hospitals and doctors.

Miscommunication between the patient and doctors is a major concern here. It delays the decision-making and hampers the medical response. This may cause patients to receive wrong treatment, excessive prescriptions, and consequent impairments.

Specialized medical translators like Ziada legal translation service can handle these types of complex medical situations effectively. They help you to communicate with the hospital authorities. Clearing your way to get the desired treatment, as quickly as possible.

Drug manufacturers, retailers, and pharmacies

Manufactured or imported medical devices and drugs need to be cleared by the authorities before being moved and sold into Dubai. For these, document requirements vary from the free sale certificate to regulatory approval, clearance to manufacture, sell, import, and export the medical product. Translating so much documentation is time-consuming.

Manufacturers also have to label their products in local languages with authentic details e.g date of manufacturing, expiry dates, side effects, etc. This allows customers to decide the prescriptions they need. There are legal repercussions if these things are overlooked. Hiring a medical translator in Dubai can save medical institutes and manufacturers millions of money.

Constant developments and technical advances in the medical sector

Research and Development, innovation is the backbone of the medical industry. Regularly, new drugs are discovered and new medical devices, treatments are introduced. This new knowledge needs to be translated into a different language. Also, to distribute new drugs and vaccines across the world, translation of user guidelines and regulatory, marketing documents is a must.

Technological advances like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, and nanotechnology are making a huge impact on the medical and healthcare industries. To incorporate and adapt these advances into the local healthcare systems you need medical translation services. For instance, while getting online consultation from a doctor, who speaks a different language, the translator can be much helpful.

Then, in R&D Medical Translators can help to decode the complex medical data. This helps doctors to perform accurate diagnoses and provide precise treatments to patients. The software of medical devices can also be translated into your local languages.

Regulations, Corporate model in the medical industry

Medical is one of the most regulated sectors in Dubai. There are different authorities, many rules, and regulations, documentations, clearances, and certificates required. Corporate hospitals in Dubai have different management systems. You need to prepare many documents before and after getting the medical treatments.

Documentation can be a tedious job, especially if you are a foreign national. It’s more worrisome if you are looking for a business opportunity in the medical sector or want to get medical treatment in Dubai. Taking the help of a professional medical translator can fasten the process.

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Growth of Medical Tourism

UAE is one of the top ten destinations for medical tourism. Every year, many patients travel from different countries to Dubai to get specialized, affordable medical care. Many countries lack advanced healthcare infrastructure. With rising healthcare costs, you may also opt to choose healthcare providers far away from home in Dubai.

In this case, a medical translator in Dubai can handle the documentation part & you don’t have to worry about it and focus on your health and recovery. Translation companies like Ziada Legal Translators in Dubai specialize in providing medical translation.

Looking for a medical translator in Dubai?

If you are looking for medical translators in Dubai then a professional medical translation company is always a better option. You must consider the following parameters for this as well.

Medical translation requires special skills and trained professionals

There are special medical terms assigned to disease, new drugs, etc. Some technical, medical terms can’t even be translated into other languages.

Medical language is very difficult to comprehend. On other hand, accuracy is very important. That’s why a medical translator should have specific training and subject matter knowledge. Also, a translator should have local linguistic skills to contextualize the medical content.

Look for the one-stop solution

Make sure that your medical translators not only provide the translation of medical documents but also they should know the local rules and regulations in Dubai. Also, the translator should be familiar with the requirements of different authorities. So that, they can complete the clearances and certifications process of translated medical documents quickly.

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Check for the fraudulent

Medical translation is a complex business and much competitive. But not all translation service providers in Dubai have the expertise needed for medical translation. Wrong translation can cost lives and money, so beware of frauds.

Privacy and security of your medical data

Today privacy of your medical data should be an important consideration while hiring a medical translation company. They must follow a strict doctor-patient confidentiality policy at all times. Maintain translation records for all translated documents and provide life-long support.

Professional and Economical

Last but not least, a good medical translator should offer faster, clearer, and cost-effective translations.

Why should you consider Ziada Legal Translators for your Medical Translation need in Dubai?

We provide a one-stop solution on translation for medical requirements in line with each customer’s specific needs.

We have a team of specialized medical translators who have vast experience in different subsectors of the medical industry.

Our multi-tiered quality check and assurance process allow translated work to be reviewed by medical professionals. This improves the accuracy and authenticity of your documents.

All our translated documents are certified. Thus, you can be confident about the quality of our medical translation service in Dubai.

We value your time. Thus, we offer faster and cost-effective medical translations service in Dubai.

Apart from medical documents and clinical data, we also translate medical device software. The medical curriculum translation is also among our main services.

We value your privacy. We adhere to a strict policy related to the security and confidentiality of your medical records.

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