The law itself can be quite difficult to grasp; even moreso when it needs to be translated in a different language. Law, fundamentally, relies on the natural language of the people for which it was created. That is why in order for it to be understood and, to some extent, accepted in a bigger scale (by a different set of audience and for a different purpose), it needs to be professionally translated. This is where professional legal translation services come in, like the one we offer in Dubai at Ziada Legal Translation.

But first, what is legal translation?

Legal translation is translating documents that have something to do with law – these could be contracts, agreements, patents, copyrights or something much more complex, such as decrees and verdicts. The translated legal documents can be used for different reasons: educational, commercial or even transactional. Professionally translated legal documents are crucial in, for example, international business deals or legal proceedings; documents like the following:

  • Last will
  • Birth, death, marriage certificates
  • Notarized documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Bank and other financial statements
  • Government proposals
  • Court transcripts

For instance, if you need confidentiality agreements drafted in Dubai (in Arabic) may need legal translation if it involves and should be signed by parties who do not speak the same language. It is also important that you get legal translation services from professional and certified legal translators who are familiar with the legal field. If you are looking for legal translators in Dubai, you should look for those that are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and Dubai Courts to provide you with legal translation services.

Now, let’s talk about the reasons you should get a professional to do legal translation for you.

1.  The translations should be an accurate representation of source documents.

Legal terms – and documents, at that – must always be accurate. In nature, laws are ambiguous, open to interpretation and rely heavily on the local language. That is why for a legally translated document to be certified, all terms must be accurately rendered. That is not to say that the document is literally translated word by word. More importantly, the meaning is translated with utmost accuracy. It is crucial that the translated document must convey the exact message and meaning as the original version. Any errors or inaccuracies may result in massive consequences, especially as we are talking about legal documents. In addition, the court will only recognize documents that are accurately and correctly translated; which is why translated legal documents need to be certified and authenticated.

Certified legal translators are equipped with knowledge and experience to provide this service, with accuracy in mind. Often, legal translators have at least a background in the legal field. In Ziada Translation, for example, our legal translation services in Dubai value accuracy.

2.  The legal documents follow a particular format.

Legal translation is not merely translating the words on the document. Depending on the country or jurisdiction, a legal document must follow a particular format. Professional legal translators are knowledgeable of this. However, when there are differences between the countries or language of the original and translated document, the formatting may be adjusted accordingly by the expert.

3.  Translation errors and inaccuracies can be costly.

When it comes to legal documents, translation errors can result in a host of problems. It can be invalidated; it can cause miscommunication, confusion and bigger legal trouble. For instance, errors in contracts or terms and conditions may lead to corporate liabilities.

On the other hand, in a court setting, accuracy is very crucial. There were cases that have been dismissed due to technicalities – and these could be rooted from incorrectly translated documents. Further these documents could also be considered inadmissible due to the errors.

Final thoughts

Legal translation is a specialized field that puts, above all, accuracy and truthfulness to original documents. That is why ideally, those who do legal translation are sworn translators with a background in the legal field, who are certified linguists and have knowledge on legal terms and formats.

Ziada’s Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Ziada’s main offering is legal translation services in Dubai. Our translators are certified experts who have extensive experience in legal translation in Dubai, the UAE and the Gulf region. Here at Ziada, we translate the meaning and highlight accuracy, to ensure that the final outputs are the correct representation of the source files – especially when dealing with legal documents.

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