In every society law, rules and regulations play an important role. They regulate human behavior, maintain harmony and peace. They explain what is acceptable and what is not, in a particular society. Legal agreements, contracts are essential to regulate business and other human endeavors.

With globalization, the world has come closer. Today you can have contact with people from around the world. And Dubai is recognized as a global city. You can travel, settle, and set up a business in Dubai. But, the legal system around the world is not uniform and it varies. Like country’s citizens, foreign nationals and businesses are also expected to follow the law of the land. Thus, if you are in UAE, you must follow the legal procedures and regulations of the country. Legal Translation of these rules and documents enables you to understand the law of the land. That’s why you need to know everything about legal translation services in Dubai.

What is Legal Translation?

A process of converting your legal documents, from one language to another is commonly recognized as Legal Translation. The underlying meanings that the rules, laws convey are also taken care of while translating.
It also deals with verbal communication with members of a foreigner’s legal team. Particularly during various legal processes.

Legal Translation in Dubai

Dubai is a global hub for business and one of the top tourist destinations. It attracts several businesses and professionals like doctors, engineers from around the world. Arabic is the language of administration in Dubai. Thus, you need to get your legal documents translated to legally visit here. Hiring a professional legal translation service makes your process of staying or working in Dubai safe, legal, and comfortable. It ensures you can use the legal documents safely and consistently.

Following are some of the legal documents for which you will need a translator in Dubai:

  • Licenses to set up a business, contracts, and agreements
  • Wills and trusts
  • Court transcripts, complaints, and litigation documents and arbitration translation, legal notices
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving license
  • Formal reports
  • Immigration and Emigration documentations

Who can avail of the Legal Translation Services in Dubai?

Corporates and Entrepreneurs

As one of the top destinations for business, Dubai attracts many investments. Entrepreneurs, investors from all over the world invest a great deal here in Dubai. Dubai is home to many international organizations. International Cricket Council, International Renewable Energy Agency, Gulf Cooperative Council, are some of them.
Setting up a business requires you to complete the documentation process. Legal contracts, corporate documentation, business deal, ownership documents, and bank statements are some of them. For both parties to understand the agreements better, you can get them translated by Ziada Legal Translation services.

International students and workers

As a student and while applying for a job in Dubai, you have to complete some documentation requirements.
Here translation service can come in handy. With the submission of accurately translated documents, you can focus on your curriculum part and the work.
As a student, you should have translated versions of a letter of recommendation, certificates, degree, and results. Workers need a passport, company cards, entry permits, etc.

Legal translation services in Dubai for International students

Immigrants and Emigrants

Immigrating to UAE for work or to settle down is easy and hassle-free. Condition is you should have your translated legal documents ready.
People migrating to another country from Dubai also need to get the documentation translation done. Instead of hiring a translator from an unfamiliar country, you can take help from a legal translation service in Dubai.
These documents vary from passports to birth certificates.


As a famous tourist destination, people from around the world come to Dubai. You need legal transnational of the brochures, tour guides, whole visa process, and a driving license.
This allows you to explore the beautiful land, in a safer way and makes your journey hassle-free.

Why you should choose a quality legal translation services in Dubai?

Legal translation consists of more than word replacement from a source language into another. There are some peculiarities about this type of translation that you should take into consideration.

Subjective nature of Laws and regulations

Laws are subjective. It means it is not easy to come out with a definite meaning. But, ambiguity and inconsistency can cause troubles when it comes to interpreting legal content.
Legal translation requires accurate interpretation. The values, beliefs, practices, abstract notions of the region influence the interpretations. These notions change and evolve.
To ensure the result is accurate and true to the source, hire an expert, who is also local and understands the local culture. The legal translation should incorporate customs and traditions. Also, consider any kind of limitation that the culture may present along with the legalities of the situation. Hiring a legal translation service company like Ziada Legal Translation would be an intelligent choice.

Cultural constraints on the use of terms

Culture affects the profession of legal translation. Culture change with time and region so does the meanings and applicability of words.
You must understand that translated documents should use culturally acceptable terms. Particularly, documents related to concepts, procedures, institutions, and personnel. Inaccurate translation can have legal consequences. It can affect your rights, like it may cancel your visa, driving license. For businesses, it may create misunderstanding and break the relations.

Updating the documents

Law-making is a continuous process. As society progresses rules and regulations of a country change. If you are a frequent visitor to Dubai. Translating the documents is not a one-time process.
Documents that are already translated, may need updates after a regular interval of time. Legal translation service also becomes useful here. Hiring a fixed translation company would be beneficial, as they will have your records and can thus quickly update the documents.

Varying types of legal documentation and their significance

The importance of legal documents varies. Intellectual property rights are important for an artist, companies, and scientists. Personal and business contracts, corporate documentation, business correspondence down the line help are important for the company operations.
Accurate translation of these documents is necessary to secure your rights. Even small mistakes in translating legal documents, agreements can cause high losses. Thus, in the above cases, you should always take help from an expert translation company.

Function of the legal documentation

The function of a legal document depends not only on its inherent nature but on the communicative situation. The intended message should be communicated through translation. The same tone and level of language have to be sustained.
A legal translation should be free from ambiguity and grammatical errors. While translating a particular document, an interpretation should be consistent.

The cost of inaccurate translation of legal documents is high

For instance, a minute typing error in educational documents can cancel your foreign scholarship. A wrong spelled name can cancel your immigration. An inaccurate interpretation of a business contract may open many loopholes. These can be exploited by the competing parties, resulting in huge losses for your company.
Legal translation service providing company like Ziada has a proven track record in the field. It guarantees accurate translation.

What to look for when hiring a legal translation service provider in Dubai?

When you know, why you want a legal translator, it would be easier for you to understand and approach the best translators in Dubai.

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Following are some of the aspects you should look for while hiring a legal translation company:

  • Translators must have a wide range of knowledge. An experience in the business and legal practices of the country and international laws as well is a must.
  • Legal documentation should always be exact and well defined. Quality translation services should consider the highly detailed nature and expansive scope of these documents.
  • Legal translators should have significant information on concepts and phrasing identified with law. They should likewise have an awareness of the social legacy of that language.
  • The team must be professional. It must complete the task in time. Since you are new in a foreign country yourself, it should be your responsibility to yours.
  • Protection of your privacy and confidential information is important in today’s world.
  • Legal translators must understand the lawful ramifications of what is being translated. The personal discretion of the translators should not affect the outcome of the translation.
  • It is extremely important to depend on a company providing a reliable outcome. Especially, identity and business-related documents translation, to make your experience a hassle-free journey.
  • Your legal translator should make sure that you are well aware of the whole process. There should be openness in the communication.
  • Don’t overlook the certification, years of training, and experience. You can go through the testimonials to find out about the credibility of the service provider. Also, make sure you are not ditched by fake testimonials.
  • There are many instances of scams or manipulation of foreign visitors by overcharging them. Look for a professional translator who will charge the necessary amount for his work. A legal translator company like Ziada fits well into this category.

Summary: Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Last but not least, all the stakeholders involved in the translation process must be on the same page. Include service providers, legal advisors, the buyers of the services, any intermediaries in the process. Ineffective communication from either the service provider or the buyer can result in a disastrous output. Make sure that you can also explain in detail why you need the translation, what is its purpose. Legal translation is one of the most complex forms of document translation. There is no place for any misinterpretation, ambiguity, or mistakes in the case of legal translation.

Subject matter experts like Ziada Legal translation services are the best option for professional document translation services for legal documents. They have in-depth knowledge about the local laws as well as international languages or countries. In turn, this helps to avoid any mistranslations.

Er. Prathamesh Pawar did the research and writing of this article. He is a member of the Content writing Team of WebCof. Prathamesh did his graduation with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. He is working as a Software Engineer in one of the reputed IT companies in Pune, India.