Mohammad Shehatah Assal

Mohammad Shehatah Assal has eighteen years of experience in translation in the United Arab Emirates, State of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, with leading translation companies and offices.

He has a bachelor’s degree in English translation from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Al Azhar University, a Master’s degree in translation from the College of Arts, Alexandria University; a doctorate in Translation and Linguistics from Applied Institute of Linguistics and Translation, Alexandria University.

Mohammad Shehatah has translated a number of published books from English into Arabic including but not limited to “Introduction to Java”, “How to Succeed in African Market”, “E-Commerce and Marketing”, “Encyclopedia of Gulf Family Businesses”, “Real Estate Valuation”.

He worked directly and translated for a number of great companies such as Eimar Arabia, Rajhi Bank of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Oil Company, Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia, etc.

He has translated hundreds of thousands of papers and documents throughout his years of experience in all fields of translation: legal, financial, business, medical, media, marketing, accounting, general, technical, engineering, etc.