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Certified by the Ministry of Justice and Dubai Courts

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We translate the meaning

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We at Ziada Translation are committed to deliver the best translation to our clients. We have the team of translators that do not translate the word literally but the exact thought or meaning. We cover entire Gulf Region with significant numbers of trusted translators. We deliver the service through email or direct to your doorstep.

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Big Break on Emerging Translation Service Industry in 2020

Translation service industry is getting in a huge break as of 2020 as a great amount of technological advancement with the emerging market of top of the line machines and software that is able to translate any language local and international in a quarter


While being able to speak in different languages is an appeal to some societies, it is not always an edge in the entire world of translation. With the fact that translation is the process of communicating a certain exact meaning from one source language

Hire only the best Translators

Certified by the Ministry of Justice and Dubai Courts

We translate, we edit, we proofread, and we review before finalizing the output. Even any edits you bring up during the translation process will be accepted and handled with utmost professionalism.