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Certified by the Ministry of Justice and Dubai Courts

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We translate the meaning

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We at Ziada Translation are committed to deliver the best translation to our clients. We have the team of translators that do not translate the word literally but the exact thought or meaning. We cover entire Gulf Region with significant numbers of trusted translators. We deliver the service through email or direct to your doorstep.

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Machine Translation vs Human Translation

Translation has been a part of human societies for a millennium. People have been traveling, settling at different places. Translating works of literature has played important role in spreading information in the past. Indian mathematical and scientific literature was translated into Arabic first. From

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Translator in Dubai: Top 11 Pros & Cons of Becoming a Translator in 2022

Let’s be practical. The Legal Translator has a tough job to do. A mere word-to-word replacement may lead to misinterpretation of meaning. This creates misunderstanding, confusion. Precise translation may lose the information passed behind the words. Language is a vital part of human connection.

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Certified by the Ministry of Justice and Dubai Courts

We translate, we edit, we proofread, and we review before finalizing the output. Even any edits you bring up during the translation process will be accepted and handled with utmost professionalism.